Patrick Dryz

Patrick is no stranger to the art supplies trade. He spent four years in the Art Supplies department at the UM Bookstore and is excited to put that experience to use at a locally owned business. Patrick is inspired by both the stories of professional artists and by helping those who are just starting out. Learning and inspiration are exactly the things that drew him to Frame of Mind. Also artisan peanut butter.

Patrick is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He moved to Missoula in 2016 to hike, bike, and camp amidst the natural wonders of Western Montana. Patrick has been drawing and painting since childhood, with a strange and inexplicable aptitude for dragons, monsters, and all manner of fantastic creatures. Favorite artists include Salvador Dali, Brom, Brian Froud, and Frank Frazetta. His favorite mediums are graphite, charcoal, and ink, but he has recently embraced acrylics. He holds a two-year degree in Fine Art from Tulsa Community College and is currently attending the University of Montana. Current studies include digital art, animation, game design, and filmmaking. Patrick is also an avid guitarist and has formal training in piano and music theory. When not making art or music, he enjoys reading history, working out, and ogling classic cars. Patrick is the proud father of a beautiful daughter.


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