Heather Swart

Heather Swart is our gallery manager who comes to us from California with a background focused on Art History. Heather started at Frame of Mind in 2018, and has over 5 years of custom framing. Her appreciation for the arts started at a young age with her countless visits to museums, galleries, and her uncle’s and father’s artist blacksmith shops; creativity for sure runs in the family. Heather likes to dabble with paints and graphite, but the one thing she loves most about working in the gallery, is being able to see what piece is going to work hanging next to another; at times it can be like a puzzle. She has the eye for design and for curating a gallery show.

Heather enjoys working directly with artists, hearing their stories, and being able to give them a chance to display their work in a gallery. It can be difficult for artists to break out into the gallery and museum world but that’s what Heather is here for, to encourage artists to show their work no matter the medium, style, or subject matter. Art is important, and we wouldn’t be human without it.

Heather Swart is also one of our head framers. Her experience began working in a gallery and frame shop in California where she learned the secrets to design. She already had the eye for design, but when it comes to framing, she is passionate about the archival preservation aspect and making sure every piece is perfect for every customer.

Heather enjoys seeing every piece come it to get framed, from old to current, trying to find that “yes” frame is always the goal. This is where her art history degree comes into play, especially since as a framer, their goal is to fit the period or the feel of the piece, and that is right up her alley. From framing 14th century funeral wood panels to contemporary abstract art, Heather has designed framing for all styles of art.


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