Do you have a prized piece of artwork sitting in the attic that would take on new life with a frame? Visit us at Frame of Mind in Missoula, MT, to showcase your art with style. With a combined total of 47 years experience, our staff is thoroughly trained in archival framing methods to ensure your treasured work will last for years to come. Each design that our staff creates is unique and special to our customers. We encourage our customers to participate in the design process, and learn the art of framing while we design.

Framing Staff

Frame design is so much more than using a color wheel and basic color theory. Each frame designer at Frame of Mind is taught design through one on one training as well as group training sessions. Knowing textures, colors, theme and the history of framing all come into play when we sit down to find the perfect design for your artwork. Our staff is also trained in archival framing, ensuring that your artwork is framed safely, and will last a life time.


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