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The Frame of Mind Art Gallery is Missoula's new home for the artwork of Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival. Monte's body of work is inspired by his love of nature and mythology, capturing the hearts of nature enthusiasts and art aficianados world wide. Mary Beth Percival's watercolor paintings are an insight into the land where she was born, and celebrate the quiet comforts of daily living.

The Frame of Mind Art Gallery hosts a variety of artists and shows throughout the year. We welcome artists of all locales to submit work to become a part of our art exhibits. We feature Juried art shows, group artist shows, and also welcome artists to submit their work for a solo show.

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We know how important it is to maintain social distancing during this time, but we also know that Missoula is full of art lovers and that First Friday is an important event for all of us.

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Not only is this a way to stroll through our gallery and see our collection of work, but we have also provided links to all of the art available on our walls with detailed descriptions and ways of purchasing these items.


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Featured Event


For the past 4 years, Frame of Mind has reached out to the art community with their annual call to artists for their Juried Art Exposition. This is a celebration of artists of all ages, background, medias and styles. This Exposition has gron froma few local artists to an international event this year, with participants from all over the United States and even London.

Each year, artists' work is judged by 2-3 local, nfluential artists to not only help these participants grow and learn, but to find the best of the best each year.


Our Guest Jurors

Hailey Faust - UM adjunt professor and local artist of Graphic Design and Motion Design

Lauren Norby - local artist and ZACC board member


Artwork By

Alan McQuillan . Alexis Lotz . Amanda Bielby* . Bobbe Almer . Bracha Tenebaum

Breanna Bell . Charnay Murphy . David "Cooper" Cooper* . Dot Harris*

Elizabeth "Libba" Chilcote . Holly Tripp . Ivette Kjeslrud* . Jace Lee Anderson* . Jennifer Baylis

Jessica Glenn . Karen Elmer . Kristine Vander Velde* .  Laura Blue Palmer

Marvin Pauls* . Naomi Birkett . Rachel Calderon-Navarro* . Sharon Davidson*

*returning artists


First Friday Opening Reception

Friday, May 6, 2022


This year’s opening reception will the be the first of 2022 now that Covid-19 cases have decreased. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

The art show will be on display May 2nd - 31st. For more information, contact Heather Taylor: 406-549-8589, htaylor@frameofmindmt.com


Juried Art Expo Artists and Art



  Alan McQuillan

I have been photographing and darkroom printing since the 1960s. In the 1980s, I experimented with making translucent coloured drawings and contact printing them onto Cibachrome. Since then, I have changed to digitising and laser printing onto Fujiflex to achieve the same “stained glass” effect as with Cibachrome.

Besides this expressionist artwork, I still indulge in traditional landscape and other photography. In 2009, I was granted permanent ARPS (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society) in visual arts on the strength of my street photography portfolio. And in 2013, I won first place in the International Photography Awards (IPA) panoramic division. My prints are in private collections on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

I live mostly in Montana and part-time in London.




Approaching Storm, Grand Teton National Park, WY

Type-C Fujiflex Print on Aluminium, 24x16


I Say!

Type-C Fujiflex print from hand-drawn inter-positive on Aluminium, 20x16


Last of the Day, Virginia City, MT

Type-C Fujiflex print on Aluminium, 18x20 


Alexis Lotz 

My name is Alexis Lotz. I am currently an art student at the University of Montana. These piece are based off of a book I read called Too Much: How Victorian Constraits Bind Women Today. They remind me that the opinion I have of myself is the most important opinion.

Too Much Heart 

Oil on Wood Canvas, 8x12


Too Much Noise 

Oil on Wood Canvas, 8x12


Amanda Bielby 

Working in the building trades. I found myself unbalanced by developing painful arthritis through my back and shoulders. I desired my work and found that balance in Art. I use the techniques I learned as an industrial painter in my art to satisfy my passion to build and heal. I believe the laboring craftsmen in the building trades develop their own fine art over time. My inspiration grows from life’s moments and my landscaped environment. My artistic background has motivated me to incorporate leftover building material that on the norm would be thrown away to our landfill. Stay Green.



This Side of Camp

Soft Pastel, 10x6.5


Stomping Grounds

Soft Pastel, 10.5x8


Quiet Time

Soft Pastel, 14x11


 Bobbe Almer

My personal journey with art began as a creative child near Cincinnati, Ohio, surrounded by creative parents and grandparents who nurtured my interests. As I matured, the need to raise a family and earn a living never displaced my creativity. Instead, I used my creativity in everyday life no matter what the task or job. During my nomadic years, several moves took me from the mid-west to the west coast and back again, finally settling near Missoula, Montana. At each location I have been a member of various art organizations, served on their boards, and made major contributions to their development. I’ve taught oil, pastel, and watercolor painting through private and group lessons for the last 25 years. In 2017, I was awarded certification status by the Montana Art’s Council. My art has been juried into local, national, and international shows and I’ve won a number of precious awards. Today, living in the mountains above the Nine Mile Valley in western Montana, there is no end to the inspiration. Colorful sunrises, sunsets, wildlife, and wild flowers are all subjects of my recent paintings. 




A Field of Dreams

Watercolor, 6x4


Glacial Swift Current Lake

Watercolor, 6x4


Mountain Glories

Watercolor, 6x4


Bracha Tenebaum 

Bracha grew up in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Montana at 25 to be closer to the mountains and nature. She enjoys painting Montana landscapes because it brings awareness to the beauty that surrounds us. Bracha is a mother of two boys ages 3 and 1 and enjoys learning about the world, afresh through their eyes.



High on Waterworks

Acrylic on Paper,11x15


 Breanna Bell

I have loved art, specifically drawing, for as long as I can remember. Having an aunt who is a very proficient artist was extremely inspiring to me as a child, and I can remember studying her drawings and trying to mimic them at an early age. Art stuck with me through my entire educational journey whether in the form of fine art, music, drama, figure skating, or writing, all of which I have dabbled in during my lifetime. 

In 2021, the discovery of a vertebrae fracture and a spinal defect left me unable to work my job in the medical field. To find comfort in the solitude of being home alone during the pandemic, I bought my very first set of watercolor paints in October of 2021 and resolved to paint one picture every day to see if I enjoy the medium. 

I loved it so much I decided to move forward with this beautiful form of expression. I find myself being very inspired by nature, a wonderful side effect of growing up in Montana. I love landscapes, animals, and flowers, and though I do stray from the natural theme at times, it is always my biggest source of inspiration. 

The three paintings shown are the first paintings I created in 2022. Though I love all animals, I wanted to portray ones that I could potentially see in my area. Animals that invoke a feeling of home for me, which is Montana. I wanted to express realism mixed with a whimsical element of illustration. I chose colors for the landscapes that were brighter, and I added a lot of blue to the colors to give a feeling of happiness and peace, which I hope the year of 2022 will eventually bring. 




Bear-nadette Peters

Watercolor on Paper, 10x7


Deer Jon

Watercolor on Paper, 8x6


Majestic Howard

Watercolor on Paper, 8x6


Charnay Murphy 

  Charnay is an artist in Missoula, MT, who loves various forms of printmaking, photography, and sculpture, but has a particular fondness for painting. And mysteries. And esoteric subjects. And human psychology. And sand volleyball. And keeping an "artist bio" short and sweet (or at least, short.)

If I had to choose a theme that links these 3 paintings, it'd be that they all involve different ideas on transformation. Transformation of self through the seeking of answers which aren't easily found; transformation of nature and technology - especially, the ever-morphing, ever-complicating relationship they share with each other; and transformation of form - of something recognizable and solid to something ambiguous, and flowing, and vague.




Oil on Wood Panel, 11x7


Head Swirls

Graphite and Oil on Wood Panel, 5x10


Mechanical Plant

Oil on Canvas, 8x10


 David "Cooper" Cooper 

Cooper is a photographer who believes that the art of Nature Photography can bring us closer to a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with the earth. Through his art and outreach via the Human Impact Project, Cooper not only brings light to the many issues facing our planet, but shows a vision of hope and compassion through which a better future can emerge. Cooper lives in the Northern Rocky Mountains of the United States with his husband, a blue heeler, and a bearded dragon.

http://: https://www.cooperchronicles.com/

http://: https://www.instagram.com/the.cooper.chronicles/


Lee Metcalf

Photography Printed on Hahnemühle Hemp Paper



Photography printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper


 Dot Harris

Dot Harris has worked in watercolors for 30 years. She has a preference for landscape and still life. She loves painting plein aire. She started working in acrylics to capture Montana's dry and wild beauty.

Dot was born and raised in New England. She spent many years near Lake Superior. She moved to Montana after years of visiting here to live near family.


Camas Blooming

Acrylic on Panel, 13x10


Poppies in the Meadow

Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20


Three Bottles

Watercolor on Paper, 20x16


Elizabeth "Libba" Chilcote 

Born and raised in Montana, Libba Lauchnor (Chilcote) grew up in the mountains and forests of Western Montana. Her love of horses, wildlife, and all things country began at a young age and hasn’t ended yet. Her paintings and drawings come from her intimate and sometimes intuitive understanding of her subjects. Spending her days with her horses facilitated her independence both as an artist and a woman. The love, nurturing and support from her parents, helped in growing her knowledge and love of nature. Married on her beloved horse, Tani Mara, to her high school sweetheart, they started a family and moved to the Stevensville area of the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Here they are raising their son and daughter with horses, cows, chickens, ducks and all the love, western influence and simplistic lifestyle that country living has to offer. After a few years as a stay at home mom, Libba’s time has opened up again - to pick up a paintbrush and enjoy the creativity and beauty that she sees on a daily basis. From horses to rodeos, county fairs to Montana’s amazing wildlife, Libba’s blending of traditional techniques and personal style has created a unique collection of images to share.

















Heron Dream

Watercolor, 18x24

















Spring Dream

Watercolor, 18x24


















Totem Dream

Watercolor, 26x34


 Holly Tripp

My work is a constant search for the best ways to interpret the ideas I have about myself and my environment. As an evolving living being, I do not limit myself to one medium. My interests, inspirations, and ideas mature, grow, and change. Knowledge changes. Each piece I create is an extension of my love of nature and the natural world. The one constant, for me, pre and post Covid has been the peace, solace, and gift of nature for my health and well-being and then integrating facets of nature into my work. Without the gifts of nature and art, I would have been totally lost.


















Chaotic Fragility

Photography on Metal, 12x12

















Tranquil Angles

Photography on Metal, 16x16




 Ivette Kjelsrud

Ivette Kjelsrud is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Missoula, MT.

Her work is minimalist, bright yet delicate, and combines realism and abstraction. Her tool of choice is fire. She creates fine and wearable art with natural materials, such as beeswax, precious metals, pigments, and minerals.

Her love for exploration and experimentation is the underlying basis for her work. She is both formally educated and self-taught and draws inspiration from nature, her favorite artists and past and present landscapes. She is fascinated by light and movement, which account for her choice of subjects. Her interest lies in capturing the soul of things rather than the details, always playing the line between abstraction and realism. She creates in order to satisfy a strong desire to bring beauty into the world and into people's homes and work spaces.

Ivette has recently expanded her offerings to include design, décor and art consulting services, and is the principal at Ive & Co. Artistic interiors, known for its timeless interiors with a flair for art.

Ive & Co. specializes in the magical connection between art and design, resulting in worldly, art centric interiors.

When she is not in the studio, she likes to hike with her dog Blondie, play golf with her husband Matt, travel, attend design markets and rock concerts.



















Horsing Around

Encaustic, 10x10

















On Even Keel

Encaustic, 6x6

















The Land of Milk and Honey

Encaustic, 6x6




Jace Lee Anderson


Jace is an artist living in Missoula, Montana with his husband, blue heeler, and bearded dragon. His mediums of choice are oil paints on canvas, graphite on paper, and digital illustrations on print. The goal Jace has with his work is to follow this one core message: we are one.



















Oil on Panel


 Jennifer Baylis

Oil portraits, still life, watercolor and calligraphy populate Jennifer Baylis’s studio. Her oeuvre looks back upon painting methods learned in pursuit of her Art degree from UCLA in 1997 while remaining present in the moods, styles and sensibilities of today. Continuing study with contemporary portrait painters continues to refine her style as she works primarily in alla prima methods now. She currently works full time as an artist in Missoula reflecting the city's dynamic individuals through portraiture and figurative work.   



















Emma, Pandemic Weary

Oil on Linen Panel, 11x14


















I'm Okay

Oil on Linen Panel, 8x10


















Missoula Lilac Girl

Oil on Linen Panel, 11x14


Jessica Glenn 

Jessica grew up drawing and painting in rural northwestern Pennsylvania and earned her B.F.A. in Illustration from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Watercolor has been her medium of choice, ever since she was exposed to it by a few talented professors. Soon after college, she packed up her life and headed toward the big skies and mountains of the West, and has never looked back. Happily settled in western Montana, she loves backpacking, fly-fishing, and exploring dirt roads for inspiration. Jessica is a signature member of the Montana Watercolor Society. She exhibits her award-winning work frequently in shows at the Hockaday Museum of Art in Kalispell, MT and other National juried shows. Jessica’s goal is to be a student of watercolor in perpetuity.

Having grown up in small towns in rural areas, I’ve developed an appreciation and a sense of nostalgia for antiquated structures and their enduring craftsmanship. Everywhere are the relics of functional, yet aesthetic designs from our bygones, providing records of the culture our forebears carved from the surrounding landscape. Now that I call Montana home, I find inspiration in Western cultural themes and iconic objects, as well as the region’s native flora and fauna.

Our world educates us through sensory experiences, so rendering surface textures is often an integral part of my work. I love the clean, simple nature of watercolor, as it allows me the control I desire for crisply rendered, textural details found in my subjects, whether it be a ghost town saloon, wrinkled leather cowboy boots, or the foliage of a Rocky Mountain wildflower.

In my work, I illustrate not only the unique physical attributes of my subject matter, but also what story it has to tell. Just as illustrations in a book are experienced intimately, I want encounters with my paintings to inspire a closer look, a moment of private study and appreciation for thoughtfully crafted areas of character and definition.


















Deerhorn Clarkia

Watercolor on Aquaboard, x810














Not A Carrot All

Watercolor on Aquaboard, 20x16


 Karen Elmer  

I am an aspiring artists. I have been painting for about 2 years now. After getting hurt on the job, I needed to find something to fullfill me, so I found a love for painting. I am a self taught painter. I love to paint different things, testing out my ability to capture texture and lighting.













City Bay

Acrylic, 20x16

















Mommy and Me

Acrylic, 11x14














Montana Mountains

Acrylic, 20x16


  Kristine Vander Velde

As a lifetime resident of West Michigan my inspiration is derived from the seasonal changes, trees and the human-made objects incorporated within the natural environment. Impressionism and Dutch Baroque art are my main influences with a dash of reality and surreality. I previously attended GVSU in the mid 1990’s and left to be able to stay at home and care for my daughter with Rett syndrome. In 2018, I returned to GVSU and achieved my BFA in Painting in 2020. I continue to pursue a strong studio practice at home in Grand Rapids. Besides painting, I also developed a second obsession creating stone and metal jewelry. The precision and craftsmanship required to create beautiful metalwork has increased my technique to create more detailed and thoughtful paintings.

These dramatic sunsets occurred this past winter, which inspired a series of small paintings. I have often been waking up thinking of a vague dream with bright colors and shifting trees combined with images of places familiar and an echo of not knowing where I’ve been.


















Maybe I'm Dreaming?

Oil on Canvas, 12x12

















Sunset Going Somewhere

Oil on Canvas, 12x12


Sunset Split Two Ways

Oil on Canvas, 12x12


Laura Blue Palmer  

I was born  in Southwestern Virginia. I moved to Montana in 1994, and studied fine art at the University of Montana in Missoula for two years. I completed my formal art education at the San Francisco Art Institute, earning a BFA in 1999. City life was exciting, but my affection towards Montana was too strong, and I returned to the Big Sky state in 2000.

Today, I make my home in Missoula where I paint in my studio. I have a true passion for the wild spaces of the west, as I document my experiences of nature in evocative abstract landscapes. I love to work with color and light in representing the moods and places I have seen in the wilderness. I have backpacked extensively in Montana, Canada, Wyoming, and Alaska, and draw on these locations to create my oils. My work is as much about memory as it is about place. I look upon my paintings as a map of my life, which I am constantly creating.



Trumpeter Swan

Oil on Canvas, 14x14


Speed of Light

Oil on Canvas, 20x20



Oil on Canvas, 8x10


  Marvin Pauls

Through all the turmoil of late (personal, professional, social, political), I reached into the bag of experimental printmaking and came up with these images. All the pieces speak to social issues in literal and obtuse ways.


Braca Pro Nocte

Mono-print, 6.5x22.5


Old World Map

Dirty Embossing, 5x7


Shadow Dance

Mono-print, 7.5x23


Naomi Birkett  

I am a self-taught artist born and raised here in Missoula, Montana. I have been creating art since I was old enough to hold a crayon up until my early 20s when adult life got in the way. I have recently picked art back up as a hobby during the pandemic and hope to make it a larger part of my life going forward. My art has been described as "creepy-cute". I love dark, intricate line work and patterns mixed with bright colors. The Gnomes - Part 2: A follow up to my 2020 piece "The Gnomes". I love creating silly characters and small, hidden details. My gnomes pieces are always something you can keep looking at and see something new every time. Who Are You - Alice and Wonderland inspired. Bright colors and a whimsical background contract a sinister scene in the foreground as the Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat drown a tiny Alice in a tea cup - but if you look at the Queen's reflection, it's really only Alice, hurting herself. Clockhead - This piece is a recreation of a sketchbook piece I created back in high school. Time consumes us all.




The Gnomes - Part 2

Watercolor and Archival Ink, 24x18


Who Are You?

Watercolor and Archival Ink, 24x18



Watercolor and Archival Ink, 11x14


  Rachel Calderon-Navarro

Rachel Calderon-Navarro is a Southern Californian multi medium artist. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012 and has been living and creating art in Missoula, Montana for the past nine years. Horror vacui is the fear of emptiness. Because I struggle with repetitive thought, I sometimes fear the emptiness during everyday life. Like when you're in the shower; or when you're falling asleep. My stream of consciousness can look like a horror vacui illustration, but these illustrations are meant to filter and transform the cacophony in my brain into delicate shapes, bright colors, and repeated forms.



Marker on Bristol, 10x9.5



Marker on Bristol, 11.5x10



Marker on Bristol, 9.5x10.75


Sharon Davidson 

Sharon is an artist creating images with bright colors and patterns in acrylic and oil. She participated in an art show at the ZACC, Frame of Mind, the Hockaday Museum, and a show of her work entitiled "Light and Redemption" at Zootown's Blackfoot Gallery. She received her art degree at the University of Montana and lives in Missoula with her husband, Scott and her Aussi puppy, Sula.

Tree View at Greenough Park No. 1

Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24


Tree View at Greenough Park No. 2

Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24


Tree View at Greenough Park No. 3

Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24




Original Work Available for Purchase

Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival Originals Now Available for Purchase

Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival fans and collectors now have a rare opportunity to purchase some of Monte Dolack's iconic original artwork through our gallery. These pieces represent many different aspects of Monte and Mary Beth's careers. These pieces are part of our Originals gallery exhibition, ande are available in our gallery.

Montana Gold:
Monte Dolack's graphic art was prominent in the Missoula Rock Scene of the '70's and 80's. His art could be found on music oriented record covers, posters, logos and promotional materials for local Missoula rock bands. 
"I frequently worked with Chris Roberts of Meadowlark Ventures who represented and booked many bands in the west coast and western US music scene." -Monte Dolack.
Montana Gold I was the first part of a two part music anthology. The record included local Missoula bands Big Sky Mudflaps, SAE, Yellowstone, Montana, Live Wire Choir, Prophecy, and much More. The album quickly sold out and became a rare collector's item. The second album, Montana Gold II featured more artists, and also became a sought out collector's piece.  

Montana Gold
Monte Dolack: 1984
19" x 19"
Acrylic on Panel


Live Wire Choir: 
Live Wire Choir was released on May 26th, 1978 and was recorded over a 4 week period while touring. The band consisted of the following members:
acoustic guitar, banjo, lead and harmony vocals - Richie Reinholdt
banjo, pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitar, penny whistle, lead and harmony vocals - Oakley Cassaboom
fiddle, mandolin, lead and harmony vocals - David Swayne mandolin and electric guitar - Frank Chiaverini
electric bass, lead and harmony vocals - Rick Waldorf
drums and penny whistle - Don Townley
with special guests:
alto sax and clarinet - Dexter Payne
back-up vocals - Beth Lo and Maureen Powell
2nd fiddle - Chojo (Wayne) Jacques

Live Wire Choir had a large following in Missoula, MT. Their bluegrass swing/ alternative country style could be seen at various venues, including the Aber Day Keggar, where they played with well known musicians like Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Bishop, and the Mountain Wood Band.
Live Wire Choir
Monte Dolack: 1978
19" x 19" 
Acrylic on Panel
Hot Montana Afternoon: 
This piece is a variation of the print Hot Montana Afternoon. This piece was turned into a series based on a poem by the same name by Eli Siegel in 1957. 
(Excerpt from Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana: Poems (Definition Press)
© 1957 by Eli Siegel
All words, feelings, movements, words, bodies, clothes, girls, trees, stones, things of beauty, books, desires are in it; and all are to be known;
Afternoons have to do with the whole world;
And the beauty of mind, feeling knowingly the world!
The world of girls' beautiful faces, bodies and clothes, quiet afternoons, graceful birds, great words, tearful music, mind-joying poetry, beautiful livings, loved things, known things: a to-be-used and known and pleasure-to-be giving world.  
This series represents Monte's use of air brushing in his artwork. This medium was combined with the clean steady use of acrylic to create a feeling of depth and space.

Hot Montana Afternoons
Monte Dolack: 1976
14 1/2" x 17 1/4"
Acrylic and Airbrush on Panel
Leda and the Swan:
A beautifully rendered original gouache on paper painting.This piece depicts a woman bathing in the water of a lake near a swan. Her skin shines with the remnants of the sun soaking on her back, partially protected from a previously worn swimming garment.
Leda and the Swan is a story and subject in art from Greek mythology in which the god Zeus, in the form of a swan, seduces Leda. According to later Greek mythology, Leda bore Helen and Polydeuces, children of Zeus, while at the same time bearing Castor and Clytemnestra, children of her husband Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. 
The piece represents Monte's diverse use of mediums, as he uses the gouache both in the style of a watercolor and as a thicker medium, with a consistency closer to an acrylic paint.
Leda and the Swan
Monte Dolack: 1985
24" x 20"
Gouache on Paper
Self Portrait:
The piece entitled "Self Portrait" portrays Monte on a warm Montana afternoon after a successful day of fishing. Kneeling in front of a small fishing hole, Monte displays his bounty of Rainbow Trout caught that day.


This piece represents Monte's diverse use of mediums, as he uses the gouache both in the style of a watercolor and as a thicker medium, with a consistency closer to that of an acrylic paint. 
Self Portrait
Monte Dolack: 1984
24" x 20"
Gouache on Paper

Bear with Fish:
The pen and Ink drawing by Mary Beth Percival shows her elegant way with a simple pen, and the graphic design capabilities.
Mary Beth did many pieces for small businesses in Missoula. Her combination of Pen and Ink and Watercolor or Gouache would create a clean even image that could be easily read in many different formats. Not only did she use this style of medium for graphic design, but in her artwork as well.
The piece Bear with Fish illustrates the way simple line work can relay the feeling of movement and action. The use of a minimal medium can still transform an image into fast paced movement. The Bear and Fish seem to move freely onto the paper.
Bear with Fish
Mary Beth Percival: 1978
15" x 11.25"
Pen and Ink with Gouache on Paper

Monte Dolack

Frame of Mind is pleased to announce the addition of our gallery space to the store. The gallery space is the new home for Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival's art work, where we can display the full collection of their posters, fine art prints, notecards, post cards, and lithographs available in stock at our location.

Monte Dolack is a staple in the world of Montana artwork. His artwork captures the true magic and beauty that is found all around us in Montana. A native of Great Falls, Monte Dolack grew up surrounded by the same sweeping vistas and big sky that inspired Charlie Russell.  His love of Montana and passion for the West’s diverse landscapes and wildlife are evident in the images he creates and the commissions he undertakes.

Visit us today to see the artist’s collected works and view a rotating gallery of beautifully framed pieces by both Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival.

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