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Need some inspiration? We are here to help. As your custom framing expert, we are here to bring out the artist in you. our job is to find the perfect frame that best fits your budget, reflects your personality, and compliments your art.  Let us help you find your framing style.

Our Projects

At Frame of Mind, we take many different approaches to give your artwork a unique design that will give it the best presentation. From v-grooves to shadowboxes, from fabric mats to fillets, we use state of the art design processes to match your artwork to its perfect design.

As your custom framing expert, our goal is to create the best custom framing that will reflect your art, home décor, and personal style. Working together with you in our shop will help us find the perfect match of design and style while keeping your project in your budget.



Shadow Boxes

Shadowboxing is a great way to preserve and show off those special moments from your life. Whether it is a special accomplishment, sports memorabilia, a memory from your past, or an object from a fun adventure, we can showcase your items in a way that will preserve them for a lifetime, while making them stand out in your home.

V Groove

A v-groove is a special cut out in mat board that can help to create an accent in your mat, or to help bring multiple openings together. V-grooves are accent lines cut out of the top mat of a project. With our special mat boards, you can cut out a white, black, or even a color v-groove to help accent small details and line work of a piece.

Special Cuts & Designs

Our extensive background in design programs such as illustrator, photoshop and corel draw allow us to step outside of the traditional rectangular opening most commonly seen with mat board. We can create any shape or design to cut out of your mat to help accentuate the design of your piece. This process can help to bring the story of your piece out of the print, and into the framing.

Custom Projects

Want to think outside the box? Bring in your project, and we can help you to come up with a way to present your art work or memorabilia in a way that will stand out and make a statement.

Try a display case to showcase special items while still being able to access them. We can come up with creative ways to display your keepsakes that will allow easy removal. Need to keep those items under lock and key? We can help you with that too!

Our Framelight Shadowboxes are a great way to bring a sense of class and sophistication to your shadowbox piece. These light boxes are battery operated, and come with a easily accessible light switch. The LED track lighting comes with a timer to help preserve your batteries.

Bring in your unique project, and let us help you to find the perfect way to display it, to turn everyday objects into a conversation piece that will have everyone talking.

Interactive Framing

Use our Interactive Framing tool to try out different looks for your artwork and see how your completed design will look before you bring a framing project in.  Upload an image of your artwork, or look for a new piece in our online Artaissance art catalog.

After you have your piece uploaded, you can start the design process. Choose different mat colors, frame designs, and fillets. You can even see what the final product will look like hanging at home by choosing a background color that matches your wall.

After you find the perfect design, you can print it out and bring it to our shop, download the image for later, or email it to us via the website.

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Stories and Blogs


  Take a look at the projects and people that stand out to us!



         Amy's Mapping Love Valentine Gift                                                         Heather T's Sentimental Shadowbox


                        Jace's Playful Plane                                 Three minds - One design                    F2F Neighborhood Storywalk


                          Antique Windy Flag Design                                Rae Senarighi Profile                                 Marvin Pauls


                     Jace's Mythical Textured Creature               Asheley's Updated Serigraph Sailboat                  Courtney Blazon


                                      .    .  

                                      Heather C's         Spooky Tales with Laramie Dean                Amy's Spooktacula Dracula

                                      Eagle Feathe


                                                                  Xplorer Maps                                              Heather T's Floating Ice Bear   


                                                                                      Frame of Mind Art Supply Store




          Zoe's Inside An Artist's Studio                                                    Amy's Punk Rockin Record



                         Heather C's Rustic Longhorns                                                       Amy and Heather C's

                                                                                                            Collaborative Moonlight Rainbows Design     

.                     .                  

    Heather T's Gold Rubbing                                                   Zoe's Witchy Stitchery


                               Heather C's Mad Matching Skills                                                                                                                      


Charlie's Tranquil Enso                        

                Charlie's Tranquil Enso                             Amy's Totally 80s Love                        Isabel's Sharp Shadowbox 



        Heather T's Origami Shadowbox                        Charlie's Steampunk Illustrations                           Amy's Rockin' Poster



         Heather C's Safari Cross Stitch                          Isabel's Magical Stone Lithograph                 Heather T's Egyptian Papyrus


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